Way to Grow!

Our hard-working US volunteers work with AIR during the planting season of May-July, planting thousands of tree seedlings and organic vegetable gardens. Since you don‛t have the chance see the harvest season, here are a few photos of AIR technicians, farmers and school children during the autumn harvest. We never forget that YOU are the reason thousands of people in rural Guatemala have more nutrition, better health, and are learning a safe & sustainable way to farm for the long term!

Don Miguel harvesting broccoli with school children in Comolapa
Luis Iquique harvesting broccoli and lettuce
with the women of Chipata in Santa Apolonia
High schoolers at a new school, Instituto Nufed. 
This nutritious crop, broccoli, had never been grown
by any of AIR's 130+ communities before--it was only
exported before the training.